Fit & Chic Over Summer Heats


Everybody – especially ladies – do their best to transform their bodies and looks before summer into something that’s perfect for them so that they can show off their nice appearance, while the weather dictates more revealing clothes and spending time at the beach. Still, many people pay attention to their health and fitness few months before the summer season while they completely forget about balanced diet, proper skin care and fitness routine when the summer is finally there. This often results in poor skin and hair condition, and your figure starts changing (and not for the good) as the summer is near its end. If you want to keep your good looks and make sure that your previous hard work will be visible for many months and seasons to come, you can beat the summer heat and adjust your healthy habits to the weather.

Drink plenty of water

Let’s get the most annoying advice out of the way first. You’re probably tired of reading about benefits of water in every possible beauty article, but ask yourself the most important question – why is it always there? Proper intake of water during summer is essential if you want to keep your body energized and hydrated. There’s no skincare product that can transform your skin into smooth and moisturized canvas if you don’t hydrate it from the inside first. With lack of water, your skin can become dry and patchy. So, make sure you drink a lot of water while at home, and bring a bottle with you when you go out.

Stay fit with continuous exercise

If you think that having to work out constantly in order to stay fit is bad news, wait till you hear the good news. Once you put a lot of effort into reaching your desired fitness skill and body shape, you don’t have to keep exercising like crazy in order to stay fit. Fifteen minutes per day is more than enough if you want to keep things the way they are, as long as you do it regularly. Since summer heat can pose a lot of problems when running, or even going to the gym, you can exercise at home instead. There are many tutorials that can help you. Also, you can make great use of summer fun and engage in some water sports that will keep you fit and healthy.

Lead a balanced diet

We all know how fun it is to drink one or two cocktails at beach parties and grab a bite at fast food restaurants after long summer nights. Therefore, make sure to keep your diet balanced. For example, smoothies are a great way to start your day and get enough nutrients and energy. You can also make them for dinner. Getting your fill of vitamins is especially important if you are exercising, or if you have to spend a lot of time in the sun. Therefore, be smart with your smoothie ingredients and add some organic pea protein powder in order to get the most benefits out of this tasty meal.

Keep protecting your skin and hair with products

If you think it’s enough to use sunscreen when you go out and completely neglect any other skin and hair care routine, you’ll face a lot of problems. While sunscreen is absolutely necessary, you still have to make time to clean your face in the morning and before bed, use restoring and moisturizing creams and give your hair some special rich treatments from time to time. Also, don’t forget your skin. Because of the heat, it’s more prone to dryness, so applying some body lotion after a shower will keep it healthy and moisturized. If summer weather makes it unbearable for you to have any product on your body, use in-shower lotions.

Staying fit and chic during summer heat is more than possible if you start looking at the whole process as a new lifestyle, instead of a troublesome effort for a short-term effect. Embrace the habit of looking and feeling great!